YAPC::America::North 2003 Proposal
YAPC Proposal Information Dump
Here is a dump of all the information concerning the YAPC proposal @ FAU.

What is YAPC?
Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) is an inexpensive, grassroots conference on the Perl programming language aimed at beginners and experts alike, organized by Yet Another Society, Inc., a non-profit corporation. It traditionally lasts three days, with the first day being comprised largely of tutorials, and the latter two of workshops and seminars.


Airport/Travel Info

Palm Beach International Airport
Located between Southern Blvd. and Belvedere Rd. just off of I-95. Here is an map. It is roughly 20-30 minutes drive to FAU. There is a directory online airlines. They include Delta, American, Continental, Southwest, and others.

Tri Rail
The Tri Rail system is a train which travels between Palm Beach and Miami for commuters. It can provide quick access between cities or the airport. There is a Tri Rail shuttle bus which will pick up and drop off from the airport (Palm Beach, FLL, and MIA airports). Info is on the website.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL)
FLL airport is located in Ft. Lauderdale. It is located about 25 miles south of FAU (20-30 minute drive). The drive time is roughly the same as Palm Beach International, and it is also close to I595 and I95 for driving, and has Tri Rail shuttle service to use Tri Rail. You can also see a list of airlines serving FLL online.

Palm Beach County and Broward County have extensive bus systems, if needed.

Some things to do

There are many many things to do in the area. You can find a list of some things on the Palm Beach Gov't website. Of course, there is the beaches for swimming, snorkeling, boating, parasailing, fishing, people watching, SCUBA diving and tanning. There are also fun places like the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens and the Palm Beach Zoo. There is surely an activity, museum, restaurant and place for nightlife for everyone of every age. I highly recommend one of my favorite (and my daughters) places, Lion Country Safari (maybe a group trip could be done?).

Between the things to do in Broward County and Palm Beach County, everyone in the family will keep busy! Also, Disney is only 3.5-4 hours away, Key Largo is about 2 hours away, and the Everglades are minutes away. The Bahamas are a short cruise away, there are night cruises to nowhere (a.k.a. gambling cruises) from FLL and Palm Beach (Palm Beach Princess).

General Info

University Center (561) 297-3000
FAU buildings open at 8:00 am and close at 11:00 pm
The dates for YAPC 2003 would be June 17-19

Lecture Rooms

Cathy Web
FAU University Center
tel: (561) 297-3734

Update 11/05/02 from Kevin Meltzer
Grand Palm would hold 500 people. Could also have chairs/tables put in for dinner of entire conference. Room is $86/hour

Live Oak Pavillion holds 400 people, and can be made into 4 seperate rooms, each holding 100. $88/hour Senate Chamber.. holds 75 people, $20/hour. Cathy didn't mention if they have more rooms like the Senate Chamber. With the Live Oak seperated, that is 5 rooms + the Grand Palm. I can ask about other rooms if needed.

Update 11/07/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Cathy is checking on 24hr room rates.

Update 11/12/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Left a message for Cathy at 10:29 pm to follow up on 24 hr room rates.

Brad Sharp
Assistant Director for Business Services
Housing & Residential Life
tel: (561) 297 2880 (Option 3, then Option 1)
fax: (561) 297 2881

Update 10/07/02 from Mohamed Abushadi:
Similar to what Kevin found in the proposal, room types are either "Traditional (Nations)" or in housed in the "Indian River Tower".

For 2 people per room:
Nations: $17/night/person if 2/room w/o linen
Nations: $20/night/person if 2/room with linen

For 1 person per room:
Nations: $25/night/person if 1/room w/o linen
Nations: $28/night/person if 1/room with linen

Indian River Tower (a newer facility):
25/night/person w/o linen
28/night/person with linen

The way this works is first confirm the bookings of the lecture rooms with Kathy. Having that done, you will sign a contact (backed by insurance) with Housing. 10% is paid 4-6 weeks before the event and the rest later. My contact in housing is Brad Sharp.

For room design and other stuff:

Update 01/31/03 from Jeff Bisbee:
Spoke to Brad Sharp today about rooms. We need an estimate the number of rooms we'll need. Once we have that we need to sign a contract and provide 10% down (with the remaining balance due a month before). We have a 10% variance on our estimate and if we go above or below that variance we need to renegotiate our contract.

Having Brad fax the contract & other information to Kevin's work (561) 989-8784

Update 03/28/03 at 9:58 am from Jeff Bisbee:
Spoke with Brad and he just said we needed to made sure we had insurance for the rooms we've reserved. He said the information is in the contract we signed and the type of insurance we need is 'public liability insurance' and FAU and the state of Florida need to be named as insurits (sp). :)

A/V Department
tel: (561) 297-3707

Update 10/07/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Looks like we just need 4 projectors/screens. We get one projector/screen and the pa stuff with the room rentals.

Update 10/07/02 from Mohamed Abushadi:
Two entities in FAU handle this. By default, Kathy handles A/V to be held in the lecture halls. And if done through her, we *may* be able to get that equipment free as long as ACM (the sponsoring student entity) is sponsoring the event. Now is happens that sometimes she may not have all the equipment (or enough of it) and we then have to resort to FAU A/V Department for which I have two buddy contacts, Malcolm and Tony. But they cost (per day). Here is a summary (I have a complete list of all they offer).

Visual systems:

LCD (Data) Projector: $50
PortableScreens: $10
Audio Systems Deliveries (PA, mic etc.)
Mic witih cord & stand: $5
Anchor PA with wireless Handheld Mic, One speaker: $20

Sherry Figler
University Catering
tel: (561) 297-2788
fax: (561) 297-0482

The Numbers (Updated by Kevin, 11/12, 10:57am)
Sherry got back to me this morning, and here are the numbers:

Continental Breakfast: $2.95/person

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Donuts or muffins or breakfast bread
  • Fruit? (actually, I forgot to ask, it can be added though)

Coffee Break: $1.10/person

  • Coffee
  • Any muffins leftover from breakfast
  • Other things can be added, like fruit @ $1.95/person

Boxed Lunch: $7.95/person

  • sandwich (meat or veggie)
  • Chips
  • Apple/fruit
  • Cookie
  • Soda/water

Afternoon break: $1.95/person

  • Soda/water
  • Cookies
  • I think some cookies can be substituted for fruit

Dinner (buffet style): $13.95/person

  • Ziti/chicken
  • A starch (potato, I guess)
  • Rolls
  • Salad
  • Desert
  • Plastic stuff (forks, plates, etc...)
  • Linens for tables, $8.50 extra per table
  • $3-7 extra per person if we wanted china instead of plastic

Venue Requirments
Catering services. Breakfast, snacks, and a light lunch for three days, plus one evening reception and one sit-down dinner. About 25% of attendees will be vegetarian and 5% vegan; some may require lactose-free or low-carbohydrate meals. While not all meals may be provided, the resources must be available; the amount of catering is influenced by the amount of sponsorship.

Notes on Requirements from Kevin's E-mail
Costs for 3 breakfasts, 6 coffee breaks (morning, afternoon), 3 lunches and 1 dinner. If anyone happens to know someone in the catering biz, that may be good. If anyone wants to call the catering people at FAU and report back to me, I would be appreciative. Of course, they would have to accomodate vegen, vegetarian, special diet and carnivorous people. Coffee breaks usually have coffee, tea, and some muffin like munchies. The 1 dinner would be for all 300 people. Lunches could be boxed lunches. And, need to know about any cost with tables/chairs for the 'group dinner'.

Update 10/07/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Tried to call at 1:30 pm 11/7/02 but got voice mail and couldn't leave a message because the voice mailbox was full :)

Update 10/07/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Left a message for Sherry @ 3:57 pm 11/7/02

Update 10/09/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Left another message for Sherry @ 8:16 am 11/9/02. I left the venue requirements in the message, so hopeful when we speak she'll have some basic numbers put together.

Update 10/11/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Left another message for Sherry @ 3:17 pm 11/11/02

Update 10/12/02 from Kevin Meltzer:
Left yet another message for Sherry @ 10:24 am 11/12/02

Update 04/04/03 from Jeff Bisbee:
Left a message for Sherry @ 6:14 pm 4/4/03 asking her to call me to discuss what needs to happen next with regards to catering

Update 04/14/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
Spoke with Sherry and got some more #'s on catering

  • Continental Breakfast - Coffee & Breakfast Bread (2.95)
  • Mid Morning Snack - Coffee/Fruit (1.95)
  • Lunch (Option 1) - Box (Sandwich, chips, cookie, drink) (7.95)
  • Lunch (Option 2) - Deli Buffet (9.95)
  • Lunch (Option 3) - Wraps Buffet (10.95)
  • Lunch (Option 4) - Market Place (Student Cafeteria) (-)
  • Mid Afternoon Snack - Coffee/Fruit (1.95)
  • Dinner (17th only) - Many Options (12.95 and up)
I think with these #'s and the ones above we can do some save estimating.
Chris Persaud
Title : Coord, Computer Applications
Department : Enterprise Computing Services
FAU Bldg/Room : CM 172
tel: (561) 297-2005

Update 10/07/02 from Jeff Bisbee:
I'm sure why I'm going to student government to talk about the computer room and internet connection, but I figure its because the political nature of the request.

Update 10/07/02 from Mohamed Abushadi:
The same building in which the event is to be held (Cathy's lecture halls) is equipped with 2 computer labs, a general student lab and a student government lab. The better of the two is the general student lab. It holds 30 WinXP Dell Optiplex GX260 Pentium 4 computers (with MS Office, VS Studio, VS.NET, Forte for Java installed). This lab includes two closed rooms meant for group study, one has 2 computers, the other has 3. Thus total is 35. I have a friend, Chris, from FAU's resource mgmt team who could help arrange this reservation and I am in process of getting that done.

The building is already wirelessly hooked up to FAU's network. I'll talk to Chris about us getting our own wireless net up.

Update 10/14/02 from Mohamed Abushadi:
I left a voice message for Chris (regarding wireless) 1:20 pm 11/14/02. I followed up with an email requesting for an appointment.

Could you please tell me specifically, any tech details associated with the wireless setup that you require and that was mentioned as part of the conference program.

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