November 8th, 2004
Back to the Duck! Well it's been awhile and it was suggested that we have another social meeting sometime soon. We'll be meeting at the Duck on November 16th to get back to our roots and have a good time :)

April 2nd, 2003
I made donation in the amount of $71.62 to the Perl Foundation on behalf of the members of Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt. Also if you haven't signed up for YAPC yet, do it now!

August 12th, 2004
The topic of's next technical meeting will be The Phalanx Project. Here is the excerpt from the project's homepage:

About Phalanx
The Phalanx project has three goals:
  1. Strengthen CPAN's tests, coverage and documentation
  2. Strengthen Perl's tests and coverage
  3. Bring in newcomers to the Perl development process
When Ponie was announced in July 2003, we knew that it would require a regression test suite larger than Perl had ever had before. Fortunately, with the CPAN, we have a huge selection to choose from. Based on the assumption that the 80/20 rule holds true for CPAN usage, we shifted it to the 98/2 rule. We're hoping that the 100 distributions we've selected, mostly on rough statistical analysis of usage, will cover a huge part of the CPAN that's used by the Perl community.

As the Phalanx project continues, we'll start looking at the modules distributed with Perl, as well as the tests that test Perl itself. For now, we're focusing on the modules in The Phalanx 100.

What Phalanx will do?

  • Improve the tests and test coverage in Perl
  • Improve the tests, test coverage and documentation of the CPAN
Bugs will be found. They're out there.

January 15th, 2004
The meeting location has changed this month to Crabby Jack's. Crabby Jack's in north of the Duck on US 1 and is also on the west side of street. Rocco has suggested that we bring perl code with us to share and do code reviews with each other. Printed code is probably best so others can write suggestions and sugguest changes. I'll hopefully bring a bunch of red pens that we can use. :)

April 2nd, 2003
I made donation in the amount of $71.62 to the Perl Foundation on behalf of the members of Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt. Also if you haven't signed up for YAPC yet, do it now!

February 5th, 2003
I'm going to place the t-shirt order this Friday so if you want a t-shirt let me know ASAP. Once I know the date they'll have them ready, I'll post it here.

January 27th, 2003
I'm putting an order together for Perl Monger T-Shirts for the group, if you want one, let me know. I hope to have them by the February meeting so get your order into me ASAP.

January 7th, 2003
All our hard work gathering information for the YAPC proposal paid off! YAPC::NA::2003 is going to be held at Florida Atlantic University.

December 18th, 2002
Well a technical meeting is long over due and probably a change in location for the social meetings as well. We only have 4 people show up to the December meeting so that serves as kind of an indicator. Thanks to Roberto, Smit and Dave for showing up.

November 6th, 2002
Well its seems that FAU is seriously being considered for YAPC::America::North for 2003 thanks to Kevin Meltzer who submited a proposal a couple of months ago. Here is Kevin's e-mail that was sent to the list the mailing list but hasn't made it yet. We need some volunteers to shoulder some of the work and make this happen.

Also, the has been upgraded a bit.

  • Split the site into multiple pages
  • Added the members section
  • Added some addtional information about which members hang out on the #southflorida IRC channel.
The site is still mostly static, with the exception of member related information. Its kept in a pipe delimted file which I edit by hand. Once I update the member file, I run a perl script that creates static HTML pages from the file. I also use SSI (server side includes) for page header and footer to keep it manageable.

October 25th, 2002
We now have a IRC channel for our group. Its on the MagNet network (,, and the channel is #southflorida. Other channels of interest on MagNet are: #perl, #parrot, #poe, and #modperl.

October 19th, 2002
Randal Schwartz has invited to the Geek Cruise launch party (Linux Lunacy II). It will be Saturday (tonight) from 20:00 to 21:00 on the top floor of the Pier 66 Marina & Resort in Fort Lauderdale. Food and drinks will be covered for this part of the evening.

Afterwards he'll be heading over to the Beach Place. This is a mall on the beach with multiple restaurants. He didn't say where at the Beach Place he'll be, however. Food and drink are NOT covered from this point onward.

October 15th, 2002
We had a great turn out at our first meeting. 15 people showed up and the guys from CBS Sportsline printed out internet coupons for free beers. :) (Thanks guys!)

October 1st, 2002
First social meeting announced for Tuesday, October 15th at The Duck Tavern in Boca Raton.

September 30th, 2002
I replaced the basic Mailman HTML pages with the pages I made for the temp mailman list at

June 15th, 2002
Put up the inital page basic HTML page at

January 19th, 2002
This whole idea of getting this group up and running started when I attended Perl Whirl. Here is my first use Perl; Stating my intentions of getting the Perl Mongers group off the ground.

    South Florida Perl Mongers /